15 Big Dreams, or 15BD for short, is a personal brand that champions Instagram Content Marketing. 15BD delivers practical content for the ease and comfort of home-based business owners.


I know how important it is to have help as a home-based business owner myself. I truly believe that the right kind of support will help us grow our business.


I also believe that to grow, we need to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. We need to step out of our safe space in order to learn and try new things to succeed. 


Through 15BD, I help you do just that.


Hello, I'm Feetri!

When I was 15, I had big dreams of owning a business of my own. That’s where the name 15 Big Dreams came from.


I wanted to be my own boss instead of working for someone else, and the idea of having the freedom to work from home was really enticing. 


At first, I experimented with different businesses. I tried many things. But I eventually fell in love with creating content, specifically for Instagram.



Aside from running 15BD,

On top of running 15BD and supporting fellow HBB owners, my time is usually spent taking care of my son.


When he's napping (and if I'm done with work and chores!), I take some time to engage in self-care activities like yoga and reading.

But why Instagram?

In my research, I noticed that a lot of home-based business owners find it easier and are comfortable using Instagram to sell their products or market their services.

But a lot goes into creating content for social media. With Instagram, there is a need to stay consistent and engage with your audience, all in the name of ensuring that the algorithm continues to show your profile some love.


Plus, there are so many different types of content to create and numerous tips and tricks to try out.

So where do you start?

Which best practice do you follow for your business niche and how often can you commit to releasing new content?

If you’re struggling to create content and make your Instagram work for you (instead of the other way around!), I’m here to help.

Let go of your stress, let me handle your Instagram content for you.

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