Struggling with getting results from Instagram?

Let me help you achieve the goals you want for your business through my 1:1 Digital Coaching sessions.


Are you finding it hard to work on your Instagram account alone?

Running an Instagram account is more than just creating content. 

And sometimes it’s tough to go at it alone. 

This is where I come in as your digital coach and accountability partner.

Through our weekly sessions, I share business mindset and content strategy best practices to grow a thriving Instagram profile that generates the results you want.


You will also get support in creating content throughout our time working together.

What can we focus on?

  • Creating content ideas through ideal audience analysis 

  • Posting consistently with a content strategy

  • Building customer relationship through DMs and stories 

  • Learning how to use Canva to design digital materials

  • Writing better captions

What will you be paying for?

  • 4-week program, with weekly 1-hour Zoom video calls

  • Unlimited WhatsApp messages

  • Free Instagram audit

  • Ideal audience analysis 

  • Worksheets

  • Action steps from every call

Are you ready to rock your Instagram business profile?

The process

What they said about 1:1 coaching?

"It was beneficial to have someone to share ideas with from a different point of view, as well as to get tips on how to do content planning."


@15bigdreams has empowered me to understand the real audience Sebati is attracting and how they are responding to Sebati's content. This will then come full circle because I'm able to identify whether Sebati is attracting our ideal customer.


"What I've gained is knowing what was lacking and what needs to be improved/changed with suggestions and samples given. Appreciate all the effort and thought being put in!"


"I'm now able to use Instagram to the fullest and to understand better all about the online business. What I also love is that you pushed me! In the most gentle way but it worked. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone with your encouragement.


What are you waiting for?